COVID 19 Statement

A message to our players

The Clubdraw platform is not just about fun, excitement and winning prizes, for many of you it's a way to raise funds for clubs, communities and groups you care about. And with the challenges Covid-19 presents, fundraising just got a whole lot harder.

So what can we do? It's easy to feel helpless in situations like these, but we have to remember that we all have a part to play, and that together we can make amazing things happen.

The level of isolation and uncertainty we're facing right now is why many of these clubs and groups exist, and why community is so important right now. It is for these communities that Clubdraw exists and so it is for them that we carry on now.

Over the past few weeks the team at Sterling, who manage the Clubdraw platform, have been making plans for our entire team to move into self-isolation, while our lotteries continue to run and raise funds. This has necessitated some changes, some compromises and sacrifices, new ideas and new equipment, and no small investment. But we've managed it, and we're now able to continue operating our lotteries remotely. The draws will carry on!

With the Clubdraw team safely settled at home we can now work together on protecting the lottery income our clubs depend on.

Clubdraw was built on one idea - that when we come together, we can make amazing things happen. We believe that today more strongly than ever. If we all stay safe and look after one another, both we and our good causes can help each other through to the other side.

So, as always, good luck in the draw and thank you for your support. We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy at this difficult time.

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