Norwich Eagle Canoe Club Limited

About your Good Cause

Help us raise funds for a new building and you could win £25,000 into the bargain!

Our clubhouse and changing rooms are way past their best. We need bigger, better changing rooms and a new club room to make the Eagle experience even better for members, new and old.

It’s not just about us having showers that work, if we had better facilities it would be more attractive for us to help others discover the great sport of canoeing and kayaking.

If you are a club member you will understand what it means to get out on the water, if you’re not a member, then whether you are 8 to 80 canoeing and kayaking is a great way to meet nice people, see a bit of the country from a unique aspect, and stay fit in a way that is at least a million times more fun than the gym!

We have joined Clubdraw to raise funds to help us raise the £30,000 we need for our new building, and every week get £1 for every ticket sold. 

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The promoter of this Clubdraw Lottery is Stuart Pontin, Eagle Canoe Centre, Helford Street, Norwich, NR2 4LY

Registered with Norwich City Council

Registration Number 16/00406/LOTT